David VanKommer | On the Boulevard

David VanKommer | On the Boulevard

Owner & Stylist

David VanKommer opened On The Boulevard in 1990, after having lived in Los Angeles. At the age of 40, he decided to try a small town, leaving the chaos of L.A. for the more relaxed central Washington lifestyle. David has basically always been a hairdresser, and what has kept him in the field is the constant change, and a love for always learning new techniques and styles.

As a lifelong learner, David has already taken three color classes this year, and has many more in store. His mission is to offer and work with the finest products available, and meet every level of his client’s needs with the greatest level of professionalism and talent. This is evidenced by his willingness to be the only salon offering the premium Inoa brand, in all of central Washington.

David’s approach to opening On The Boulevard was to have as much natural light as possible, with a relaxed atmosphere which lends itself to a casual and friendly salon. His personal preference is natural-looking and age defying color. Augmenting nature while complimenting skin tone and eye color, makes him most satisfied at the end of the day. After more than forty six years working behind the chair, David has no plans of retirement. Simply put, he absolutely and thoroughly enjoys what he does!

Call David directly at 509-961-9351 to schedule an appointment.